It has been a long time since I visited this blog and even longer since I actually posted. I have so many drafts sitting in the folder but none seemed worthy of the time and effort it would take to finish them up. I was doing food challenges but not taking pictures, instead I greedily ate up the duck ham, the carolina style pork and the bacon without taking a moment to record the steps it took to make them.  I would get the stray request to approve a comment, see someone else’s fabulous post, look at my pile of drafts and feel guilty.


Spring has now arrived in the pacific northwest and canning season is about to start – this blog started as a canning blog so it seemed like the right time to examine whether I wanted to continue. The answer was yes, but differently.

In the past year, I have learned that I have to limit fruits and sugars in my diet if I want to be healthy. I also learned that to feel really good I need to eat less factory oils (yes canola I am talking about you), grains and dairy and more pasture raised meat and vegetables. As a result of new food choices, I began to learn more about our food system, and the impact on the health and well-being of all of us. I recovered from two surgeries and returned to crossfit. I started curing meats as a result of Mrs. Wheelbarrow and the Yummy Mummy’s brilliant Charcuteapalooza challenge.  Finally, I took the plunge and removed the dog mudpit  lawn from our yard, creating more garden beds. I started canning because I was bored and stuck at home following knee surgery – I am now healed and have so much more in my life than canning.

Living a good life: eating well and sustainably, helping fight food insecurity, being active – that is my life. This blog is an extension of my life and a window into my world and needs to reflect that. Today I tended a garden that feeds me, my poppy broke out of its pod and we harvested our first strawberry. These simple things are worth celebrating.